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50 Years

Art’s Way celebrates its 50th anniversary with a special celebration in Armstrong, Iowa honoring the company’s long time employees and its special guest, founder Arthur Luscombe.   Art’s Way diversifies its business by creating the new Art’s Way Scientific division in Monona, Iowa. This division manufactures modular laboratories for research..Read More

Vessels Venture

The Art’s Way farm equipment division introduces a new industry leading grinder mixer, the 5165, featuring the largest capacity and greatest efficiency of any grinder mixer in the marketplace.   Art’s Way diversifies by creating the new Art’s Way Vessels division in Dubuque, Iowa, to manufacture pressure vessels and other..Read More

6812 Update

Art’s Way introduces its newly developed, state of the art 12 row sugar beet harvester, the 6812, featuring unprecedented capacity and efficiency. Its performance remains unparalleled and makes the 6812 the market leader.

McConnell Family

J. Ward McConnell, Jr. becomes Chairman of the Board and sets the course for a new era at Art’s Way that will include a new focus on growth and diversification via acquisition as well as a renewed concentration in the area of research and development for Art’s Way products.


Art’s Way begins producing the Landstar/KanAm pull type grader, which complements the Eversman land preparation product line. A 9, 12, and 14 foot model is introduced into the marketplace.


Art’s Way acquires the Peerless line, and begins offering a roller mill in feed processing products. Stationary feed processing/mixing equipment is also added.   The Eversman product line is purchased, bringing land preparation equipment (planes, levelers, ditchers, scrapers) to the product offerings as well the PreSeeder, a minimum tillage tool…Read More

Acquisitions and Spin-Offs

During the 1980’s, Art’s Way acquires the Sunmaster line from Rotech. This move adds mowers, cutters, and shredders to the company’s product offerings. The Heath Farm Equipment line is also purchased, allowing Art’s Way to begin manufacturing sugar beet harvesters and defoliators.   The company secures the patent rights tot..Read More

Silamix and WeighTronix

Art’s Way acquires the Silamix product line, a chain mix feed wagon. A line of scales is added to the product offerings, allowing livestock producers to accurately measure feed ingredients. This new venture is organized under the brand name WeighTronix, and scale systems are designed to adapt to grinder mixers..Read More

Current Location

In 1959, Luscombe moved the company from his original plant in downtown Armstrong to its present location, and the grinder mixer line was expanded to include OEM work for companies such as Massey Ferguson, Owatonna, and Case (IH.)